“Worlds of Rage” will be at Aethercon 3, an online RPG convention



There will be sessions of “Worlds of Rage” at the online gaming convention Aethercon 3 this November.

Friday, November 14, 6:00 PM EST is the United Sight Studios live Q&A. Log on and meet the designers and writers of the game and chat with us about how the game was created, how it works and where we plan on taking it from here. Once the Q&A is over, at 7:00 PM EST the game will begin. Details of the game are available at the Obsidian Portal sight linked above.

The following day, Saturday, November 15, at 6:00 PM EST, “Worlds of Rage” creator and lead writer Marker Jones will be a guest on a panel entitled “Villainy: the Fine Art of Mustache Twirling.” This panel focuses on creating memorable villains and the part they play in epic storytelling. Should be a lot of fun.

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The Press Release looks amazing

United Sight Studios gives gamers what
they want, revolutionizes role-playing experience with modern storyline,


‘Worldsof Rage’ strikes a rare balance between a compelling RPG storyline and simple
playing mechanics, giving players a game that can grow and adapt with them

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – There are more than 10million role-players gaming across the globe, and they all have one thing in
common: they like action, adventure and smooth play. But, beyond the tried and true staples of this genre, many recent RPG offerings have failed to deliver what gamers like, want and need. Either the mechanics are flawed or the storyline leaves something to be desired. In “Worlds of Rage,” (ISBN 1480055395) however, writer/designer Marker Jones rights this wrong and strikes that rare balance between storyline and mechanics, giving role players a revolutionary game like no other on the market.

“Worlds of Rage” carries players to an entirely new sci-fi universe, where there is an uneasy alliance between the different races of the galaxy. This political turmoil and racial tension is central to the storyline and feeds off of current events in almost any newspaper in the
world, giving the unfamiliar universe a familiar feel. It allows players to explore very realistic social and philosophical ideas in the fantasy realm.

But “Worlds of Rage” isn’t just about headlines. From action, political intrigue and mystery to horror, suspense and drama, players can follow captivating storylines, and the game can be adapted in numerous ways to grow with players and change with the times. The dice mechanics are simple, straightforward and easy to learn, and combat is intense, brutal and fast.

“Worlds of Rage” will soon be for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:

When it comes to “gamers,” it takes one to know one—Marker Jones is proof of this. The freelance writer and game developer is a lifelong fan of role-playing games and science fiction, and he has experienced all the great sci-fi canons in movies, television and RPG scenarios. He possesses unique knowledge and insight into the genre and has his finger right on the pulse of the gaming community.