Introduce: Groon

The Groon are a special lot. The remaining survivors of a dead planet, alive today only because the Kallan negotiated a rescue attempt with the Limthrakk, that the Limthrakk take full credit for. When their homeworld Senja died, the Groon were taken to safety by Parliament and allowed to live in their lands. Choosing to stay out of the way, the Groon built cities underground and spend their time there, venturing out in small numbers at a time.

Most see the Groon as being stupid, savage, uncivil. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Groon were the first to develop mechanized replacement limbs for the body, and an engine capable of space travel; a design eerily similar to the first space travel engines of the Limthrakk, in fact.

The Groon despise luxury, preferring only what they need to survive. They have access to the best cyberized weapons in all of the galaxy, but they are just as happy picking up a big stick and beating their opponent to a pulp with it.

Groon keep to themselves, mostly. They will accept anyone else’s company – even that of the Hybrid – but they prefer the company of their own, spending most time with family. They are extremely religious, intelligent, capable people. Just don’t expect to get on one’s bad side and survive.


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