Introduce: Hybrid

Hybrids are the offspring of a Kallan and Limthrakk pairing. They are tragic creatures from inception. Their Limthrakk parent would be dishonored and executed if it became known that s/he created an offspring with a lesser creature (the Kallan). The Kallan parent would be more obliged to raise the child, but not many Kallan want to be responsible for a half breed that will be ridiculed all its life, not to mention the ridicule they will face for birthing a hybrid.

So many hybrids face adoption, abandonment; some runaway, some are passed on to family members, and some are forgotten.

All their lives, Hybrids face the hatred of Limthrakk. The Limthrakk Civil War showed the Limthrakk trying to eradicate the Hybrid from existence, but that obviously did not happen. There are some resentments held over, but violent outbreaks don’t happen as often as they used to. This isn’t to say they no longer happen, just not as often. Which is what gave way for the Hybrid Rights Movement, a message of equality the Hybrids are hoping will soon be adopted on all planets in Vernex Keep.


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