Introduce: Limthrakk

The Limthrakk are a proud people. Hailing from Kilta 9, they were the first to evolve sentience, and the first to begin recording history. As time went on, they established space flight and discovered the other races amongst the galaxy. Seeing themselves as the greatest accomplishment of the creator, they naturally believed the other races would revere them as the regal creatures they see themselves to be. The problem is, no one else likes to be told what to think about someone, so most resent the Limthrakk; some violently. 

The Limthrakk have developed a massive space fleet and have allied themselves with Parliament. As part of this alliance, they have privatized space flight, and pull in a good profit doing such. But that contract is drawing to a close soon, and other bidders are already starting to line up. With Parliament having it’s trouble, they are likely to accept all kinds of arrangements to bring money in. 

The Limthrakk, of course, are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their monopoly on space travel firmly in place.


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