Future Projects

Industry professionals keep saying a gaming company can’t make it these days writing just role playing games. They keep saying you need something else to butter your bread with. Fantasy Flight, for example, does more with board games than anything else and they have the Star Wars license. AEG has both board and card game versions of Legend of the Five Rings on top of their RPG line.

So what does this mean for “Worlds of Rage”? We’ve known for a while there would be a complete fiction line accompanying the title. As for anything else, it’s too early to say. A card game might be easier to get going than a board game, but since each card is a unique piece of full color art, this could be more expensive.

Long story short is we can’t answer this question or even prepare for this step until after we have some sales results from the core product. Once we have income of any sort, we can address this question better. But know that we have our eyes on the industry and we plan on pushing “Worlds of Rage” is every possible media that we can.

Rage on!


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